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of Grace


Marching with 
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Hope in the 
Color Purple


The Hope in the Color Purple

The Life and Mission of a Thousand Pains and Ten Thousand Troubles

This is an autobiography of Rev. Dr. Jean Kim who was born to a wealthy family with an abusive father in North Korea in 1935 in the era of Japanese occupation and WW11. Age 11 on she experienced brutal communist regime, poverty, hunger, political threat in the North Korea and, escape, refugee life and war, homelessness, loss of a family member in the South Korea. In her immigrant life in the U.S since 1970, her grave devastation was a death of her teenage son. Her story is God’s and Jesus’ story who picked her up from the valley of dead bones to a new life; they carried her on their backs to serve the poor/homeless in the United States for a half century. This devastating and yet hope-filled story can be a reference to Women’s Department in colleges as well as hope to many women of the world experiencing thousand pains and ten thousand troubles. 

Jubilee Handbook

An Introduction to the Mission of Ending Homelessness

This book is born out of Jean Kim’s own experience in serving the poor/homeless for a half century in the United States. She combs through the disturbing 35 realities and root causes of poverty/homelessness in the U.S. She introduces the consequence of economic disparity to the longevity and well-being of the rich and the poor. She compares our way and European way of dealing with poverty. For solution, she presents emergency interventions and creation of our political will and policies to achieve the wholistic democracy in political and economic justice lest we face the eruption of poverty volcano. With some mission samples this book can serve as a reference for professors and students in sociology, economics and social work and, policy makers who care to develop a political will and constructive and relevant public policies for all people. 

Marching with the Homeless

Biblical Position on Poverty & Homelessness

Being challenged and encouraged from her early teen ears as to what Jesus had done with the poor in his days, she matured in Christian faith to serve the poor/ homeless for half century. She walks through the whole Bible deeply and widely and discloses the heart of God and Jesus who care so deeply about the poor/homeless. She even goes down to St. Paul, St. James and the first century church to bring to the light many hidden and rarely spoken truth about the poor/ homeless. This book can be the most eye-opening Biblical reference to know what God and Jesus require of us to do for the poor/ homeless in our own backyard. It can be a good reference for theology professors and students in seminaries and preacher’s reference for their sermons and Bible study guide. 

Messages of Grace

Sermons to Public Churches and Homeless Congregations

Jean Kim’s motivation to preach such sermons came from her experience in encountering most discouraged, hopeless, lost, poor/homeless people on the streets. She tries to preach challenging sermon to public church to awaken their complacent conscience and help transform their country club church to wide-open, fearlessly welcoming Jesus’ church. She also preaches to the homeless congregations to motivate them to get up and walk in faith and become permanently free from the poverty and hopelessness. She brings homeless friends closer to Jesus so that they can meet each other that the homeless may find hope in Jesus to get up and walk. This book can be a reference for preachers and homiletic students for their relevant sermons to the public and homeless people in our time 

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All proceeds from book sales to benefit homeless missions that strive to end homelessness.

What people are saying about Rev.Jean Kim's work... 

God marching with the homeless and poor is an apt analogy for this book and Rev. Jean Kim has been a leader in that march with passion and great love. These books are a crowning achievement and a summary of the theology and spirituality of her life’s work.     

     —Rev. Hallack Greider, Pastor, Maplewood Presbyterian Church, Edmonds, WA

The Rev. Dr. Jean Kim has given us a wealth of information about how to end homelessness. Combining her training as a social worker and her faith as a Presbyterian clergywoman, Dr. Kim’s passion, empathy, and compassion for the homeless is evident in this work. It is a compendium of the five original volumes she wrote over five decades. 

—Rev. Dr. Paula Owens Parker, Senior Program Developer, Roots Matter, LLC

The Rev. Dr. Jean Kim’s strong commitment to support and provide for homeless people has dominated her life for many years, leading in part to the completion of this interesting book. Here she has thoroughly analyzed the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures for what they teach us about homelessness and God’s intent for the care of all people. 

     —Rev. Mary E.N. Hanke, Retired Hospital Chaplain

노숙자사역(Homeless Mission) 50(희년) 헌신한

김진숙 목사와 그의 최근 발간 저서(4) 소개

본문의 첨부물 (attachment) 를 여는 방법: keyboard 왼쪽 아래 CTRL누르고 열고자하는 첨부물을 click하면 됩니다.

• 1935년에 태어난 김진숙 목사님은 열한 남쪽으로 피난을 오셨고, 1970 미국에 이민하셨습니다. 1977 social work 석사를 취득하셨고, 2006 SFTS에서 D. Min. 마치셨습니다. 작은 체구의 육신은 본인의 말대로 종합병원처럼 온갖 병과 연약함으로 고통 가운데 있었지만, 가난과 머리 곳이 없는 노숙자들의 어머니가 되어 그리스도의 사랑으로 그들을 섬긴 시애틀의 Mother Teresa입니다. 목사님의 파란만장한 삶과 지난 50년간의 홈리스 사역을 담은 자서전, ‘보랏빛 희망’(한글판, 아름다운 동행 출판사) 2017년에 출간되었습니다. 목사님은 언제 어디서나, 밤이든 낮이든 상관없이 보랏빛 셔츠를 입었기에보랏빛 여성이라는 별명을 얻었는데, 보랏빛은 주님께서 세상 죄를 지시고 십자가에 죽으신 사순절의 색깔이기에 목사님도 노숙자들의 고난에 참여하고, 아픔을 나눔으로써 그리스도의 고난에 참여하는 것이 그의 사역의 내용이며 인생의 빛깔이었습니다.

목사님은 은퇴하신 후에도 여전히 노숙자들을 섬기면서 미국 여러 지역에 홈리스 사역을 조직하고, 홈리스 사역자들을 훈련하며, 자료를 제작하는 일에 헌신하고 있습니다. 홈리스 사역 이외에도 가정폭력, 여성 지도력과 목회, 성추행 등의 주제에 대해서 집필과 강연을 계속하였으며, NCKPC 여성위원회를 조직하여 여성 지도력 향상에 힘쓴 분이시기도 합니다.

목사님은 이러한 공로로 25회의 사회봉사상과 감사장을 수상했는데, 미국장로교의믿음의 여성상홈리스 영웅상’, 대한민국 정부로부터 국민포장을 수상하셨고, 작년 12월에는 UN 인권의 날을 맞아 워싱턴주 Snohomish County 2019 인권상을 수상 하셨습니다.

올해 7월에 85세가 되는 김 목사님 거동이 자유롭지 못하여 양로원에서 생활하시면서도 집필을 계속하시어서 지금까지 12권의 책을 발간하였는데, 여기에 소개된 4권의 책 그의 반세기의 홈리스 사역을 결산하는 것으로서 홈리스 사역에 매우 중요한 자료입니다. 이 책들의 내용 간단하게 소개되었기에 참고하시기 바랍니다. Amazon.com에서 online으로 직접 구매하거나 Nina Kim (425-789-6843,에게 연락하여 주시기 바라며, 판매 수익금은 모두 홈리스 사역에 사용됩니다. 김진숙 목사님의 email address 입니다.

Reverend Jean Kim was born in North Korea in 1935 and took refuge in South Korea with her family at age 11. She immigrated to the US in 1970, earned a Masters in Social Work in 1977 and a Doctorate in Ministry in 2006. She has served in the Presbyterian ministry over the last 10 years and has been a tireless servant to the homeless community for over 50 years. She has founded or co-founded over 10 humanitarian organizations, received 25 Community Service Awards and authored over a dozen books.